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Unknown Hole Developed In My Skin

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About six months ago I noticed a small indentation develope in my skin in the area just beneath the tip of my tailbone inside the cleft of my buttocks. It is a small hole barely the diameter of a cue-tip. On a couple of occasions I have had blood come out of this "hole" or indentation, sometimes in small amounts sometimes larger but never more than a tablespoon or so.

Recently I took a shower to try and flush out the hole, thinking it may be an infected boil or pimple or something. Upon applying pressure to the area blood would exit the hole, and eventually seemed to stop or empty out.

There is no pain in the area or swelling. No pus has ever come out of the hole. There has been no blood until just recently when I was involved in a game involving lots of physical activity (sports). Upon removing my undershorts I noticed that I had bled a small amount and that applying pressure caused more blood to come out.

I have no idea what this is, where it came from, what it is called and if it is serious or not. For the time being it is simply inconveniant to fear ruining my pants or undershorts by bleeding all over them.

I would greatly appreciate anybody that could tell me more about this bizarre condition I seem to have acquired.

Thank you
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replied November 25th, 2006
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Have you been tested for std's lately? Since it is in that area.
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replied December 12th, 2006
nickvellios wrote:
have you been tested for std's lately? Since it is in that area.
no, but I highly doubt it has anything to do with std's...Seeing as how i've never had sex... (virgin alert)

no, I recently went to the Dr. And he agreed with me that he thought it was a pilonidal cyst. It's pretty much healed on its own for now, but it may come back, but i'll be ready for it next time....

Thanks for your concern though,
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replied December 14th, 2006
Cyst In Tailbone Area
Yes, I am glad you went to a doctor and found out what this was. I have had the same thing except unfortunately mine got infected, was very painful and had to be lanced. Ouch! But it never came back and that was about 20 years ago. The doctor at the time said recurrences are not uncommon.
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replied September 12th, 2009
unknow spots on my waist skin
Hi can anyone tell me a solution for my problem which is not solved (not even find what it was!!). I'm really worrying abt it. When i was at the age of 17 years in India, I found it on my waist as little as a dollor coin and now it's spread along left side of my waist.... I was contacted with so many dermatologists(nearly 10 Drs)to cure from this. Every doctor which i was consulted didn't found what exactly it was and kept it as unknown by trying with normal skin diseases medicines. Now I'm under the observation of one dermatologist in UK but I have no more hopes here as well.

I have no pain or alargey or burnings on that spot. It behaves like a normal skin. I got one single bump aswell. These spots filled with some white faty liqid by black color facing towards the outerside skin. I gonna add some pictures as well.... please give me reply here.... i'm really need ur help what are they.. what desease it will goes to...

I have no problem with that right now. But may come in future.

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