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Lung Damage From 2nd Hand Smoke, What Are Chances of Cancer?

One of my pulmonary doctors did a bronchoscopy on me, finding damage in my lungs from years of breathing the smoke from my parents heavy smoking. They didn't know, I didn't know. But my lungs know.

I am mainly trying to educate myself as to what may happen and how to deal with it. For example, the Dr. Said he could see the damage in my lungs. He thought I was a heavy smoker...So do I have the same chances for cancer as those who smoked heavily for years? Ironically, neither of my parents died of cancer. They died of heart attacks.

If am concerned about lung cancer, already knowing I have lung damage from 2nd hand smoking, do I continue with a pulmonary Dr. Or should I find an oncologist?

Any suggestions, advice or links appreciated.
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replied November 18th, 2006
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I am not a dr and I am not going to sit here and lie to you. My .Hubby's .Sister has lung cancer due to second hand smoke or at least that is her story and she is taking chemo and they are shrinking the tumor and once the tumor is small enough then they will go in and remove it and I am glad that they caught it in time. I myself do not believe it is all about second hand smoke, look at some of the air we breathe, look at some of the stuff we use just cleaning and painting our houses, the stuff we inhale from the cars whether it be gas or diesel and some vehicles should not be on the road all they are is smoke bombs, I lived in los angeles for awhile and I could not breathe right and my eyes were always watering from the smog and I am definitely not saying that smoking or even second hand smoking is good for you. Look at the people that helped after 911 and all of the problems they are having after being around all that they were around. (just my opinion)
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replied November 18th, 2006
Sandyallen, you are right. The air is dirty. I have lived in central calif.
For almost 30 years and it is catching up with me. Allergies first, then asthama, then vocal cord dysfunction and now the lung damage from second hand smoke.....

I think I am trying to figure out what, if anything there is I can do to prevent any cancer cells I might have from growing. Awkward sentence.

I also wonder whether I should change doctors. I have a good pulmonologist, but I may need an oncologist to watch for signs. I have had recent mris, ct scans and xrays of my lungs, but they were looking for a blockage of the an artery, or blood vessel. Not cancer. I am not sure cancer would show up on those films. I hope it would.

My lungs were better two years ago. They were better a year ago. I wonder what they will be like in a year....If that makes sense.

Sorry, I didn't mean to ignore your comments about your sister-in-law and her troubles. I have a buddy who lost his wife to cancer in her mid 30s, he is still missing her years later. He won't date, says his kids are his life and anything else can wait. I admire his love for his children, but not having a woman in their lives isn't good either.

For what it is worth, my wife and I went to the san juan islands last summer and I couldn't breathe well there either. Go figure???

Thanks again and I hope your sister-in-law is ok.
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