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Hey Hows Everyone Doin? Thought I Could Help Some of You Out

If anyone here living in midwest around missouri, arkansas or somewhere close, I could help you out with your insurance needs like quotes and such. I am a licensed agent in missouri and I just came across this site to see if I can be of any assistant. If you are interested in an affordable health insurance that will guarantee to never leave you hanging even after making multiple claims unless you decide to leave us then that's different story.. Laughing or rate you up every year cause of your age then just pm me and I can get you more information.

If you do live near by, i'd even personally meet up with you to help you with whatever you need. Cool

i'll keep in touch with this site often to see if I could help answer any questions you guys might have. Nice to meet you all of you.

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replied January 11th, 2007
Insurance Agent
If you're an independent insurance agent, i'd like to talk to you. If you're with one of the insurance companies though, no need.
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