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Genital Rash?

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Hi guys,

i don't know what it is, but it just started recently. The skin around my genital and pubic area turns all red in various spots. They start to ooze clear liquid too and when it doesn't, the skin is dry.

This redness and oozing start near the penis, only a small spot. Then it started spreading to the left pubic side, it turns red and starts oozing. This then spreads to my left testicle. Part of my left testicle area is reddish, a little bit shiny, but also oozes liquid (on this testicle, it seems as if the whole red area is the area in which skin is peeled off for somr unknown reason).
It then spreads to the base of my penis a little bit.... The skin is dry and it's cracked.
It seems like the redness, shiny, and oozing is spreading to a small portion of my right testicle.

Anyone know what this might be or how I might treat it?

I was thinking that it'll go away with time.. But it's been about 2 weeks and it's getting worse, so it seems.

I have a feeling that it might've been masturbation whilst I was shaved, and that the spiky pieces of hair was scrapping at the lower base of my penis, since this disorder started shortly after I shaved.
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First Helper rsx

replied June 13th, 2009
This sounds like something I have right now. I, too, recently shaved, and then the oozing started and the itching -- the itching is unbearable sometimes. The liquid oozing from my penis, however, was so bad that it permeated a pair of brand-new jeans. This has happened before, and it seems that it happens right after I shave in that area. I usually just put Neosporin, and it seems to do the trick. Good luck!
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