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My Exp With Mono..natural Cures You May Not Have Considered

Hey guys..Well i've been dealing with mono for the past 3 weeks now..And today after one of my tonsils were as swollen as a a giant ballooon...It popped today..And oh man did all that stuff coming out taste bad..Horrible horrible..But it was worth it cause now its starting to shrink..And I can talk/swallow with much less pain Smile ..So let's hope it keeps up

i just wanted to offer some advice in terms of doctors telling you there is no cure except rest because it is a virus. Well maybe to the pharmaceuticals there is no cure, but there are plenty of foods and herbs out there that are very anti-viral, i'll start with what I used that worked amazing wonders in only the last 2 days...Garlic..Eat as much of this stuff as you can..Other anti-viral foods consist of onions, brocolli, berries, and apples

also..While there are other antiviral herbs out there for mono(google it), I used echinacea/echina force..It's a flower with strong anti-viral properties

i can definitely related to the torture and pain faced with this stuff..Especially in the morning eh...But just endure it, I found that I forced myself to talk a lot today..And the tonsil just randomly popped while talking

anyways hope this can help someone out there, just be ready for when your tonsils pop for it to taste like crap..Plug your nose and rinse rinse rinse...Then get some gum or halls or something to keep the taste out

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replied October 2nd, 2009
wow..thats amazaing thank you!.....question how did you make thwe garlic and how many times a day..also did u use echinecea tea?.....
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replied December 4th, 2009
I just learned from my naturopath to take Immuplex, by Standard Process. This supplement will support the spleen, as it is being taxed. Most chiropractic doctors that are naturopaths carry this brand.
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replied February 11th, 2018
Epstein Barr - Mono
I have started taking the Immunoplex with good results. It has helped to increase my energy. I have Acute Active Epstein Barr and I wasn't getting much relief from Acyclovir. It's my third day on it and I'm already feeling relief. Others on a support group I'm on are experiencing the same.
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