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Is It Good That I'm This Paranoid?:(

Life thus far has been an interesting journey, to say the least. As time goes on, I am finding it easier and easier to become totally consumed with birth control and avoiding pregnancy at the moment.

I've had more than a couple flings in my past, and only one other serious relationship (besides the one i'm in now). Technically, this would be my 6th sexual partner. I've tried to avoid condoms in the past, and feel stupid now for doing so.

I have taken the higher road though, and I was on depo from about august 2002-may 2006 (with a year off in the middle). I finally got off the shot for good because the relationship I was in ended (horribly) and I decided the cost and hassle wasn't worth it. I didn't plan on dating again anyway.

After going off the shot, I lost 80lbs and nearly a month ago, I met the love of my life. I mean, there's absolutely no doubt in my head that he's my soulmate.

Getting to my question, as soon as we met, we had unprotected sex. I immediately got some ec, and all was well. Then he was using the pull-out method for a while. Then I went in to go back on birth control- this time levora, and they made me take a second dose of ec, just to "make sure". So I took that too, even though I was having the "period" that the previous ec had given me. All of this happened within about two week's time. After taking the second dose of ec, I began my pills. I never spotted again from the second dose of ec, and was on the pill for about five days, when we had unprotected sex (without him pulling out), again. The sex occurred about 48 hrs ago (from the time i'm writing this).

Does anybody have any suggestions? Do I need to get a third dose of ec? I am due to start boot camp in feb. 2007, and would hate to miss it because of a stupid lack in judgement. I am thinking about this non-stop right now!

I'm still taking my bc pill once a day. I haven't missed a day.
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replied November 18th, 2006
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Im not sure how ec works but I do know that you should use a form of back up contraceptive through at least the first week of taking the pill. I would recomend a month just to be on the safe side.

If you are worried you should contact your doc imediately due to the time window of effectiveness for ec.
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