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Does This Make Me a Lesbian!!!! (Page 2)

February 16th, 2010
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mike9856746 wrote:
"gay" and "Strait", IMO, aren't very realistic terms. Our society has conditioned us to believe you're one or the other, or maybe bi, but honestly I question the existence of any. Look at ancient Rome. There were "strait" men who loved to have sex with women, but once in a while they'd have sex with men (at orgies usually) and nobody thought anything of it. Likewise some women only preferred other women, but every so often they get a hankerin' for a penis and have at it. If you look at sexually open societies, and the animal kingdom for that matter, most creatures human or otherwise have a preferrence, but not an exclusive one.

The words "Homosexual" "Heterosexual" and "Bisexual" are derrived from latin. They were terms used in the Roman Empire and likely derrived from words used in previous civilizations to define sexual preference. We didn't start suddenly having sexual preferences in the mid 70's. Sexual identification is as old as consensual sex. The fact that the animal kingdom doesn't have Gay, Straight or Bi identification probably has a lot to do with their lack of a need to politely explain to prospective mates that they have the wrong equipment, they just bite and growl instead.
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