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Possible Prgegnancy After Having My Tubes Clamped.

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I am 28 years old, and I have 2 boys, age 9 & 5. I had my tubes clamped 4 in a half years ago. My period is always on time..Until now. I should of started on 10/15/2006, but didn't. Then on 10/29/06 I started to spot, it last three days and that's it. I never even thought twice that I could be pregnant until now. I am having all the symptoms as I did before, filled up breast, cravings, heartburn, pants aren't fitting me no more, tired all the time and many more. The only thing different is that I am having grey breast leakage, which is scary me to death. I haven't found noone that exeperenced it before. I took 4 hpt and 2 blood test, all say negative, my doctor said I am a poster board for a pregnant woman, but I am not pregnant, even though my uterus feels swollen. He did every test on me, and said I am a very healthy young woman, no infections, cysts, lumps, cancer, disease, hormonal imbalance, nothing. But why do I feel this way then? It is just not normal.

My sister in law just found she was pregnant, could I just be having major sympathy pains for her? My Dr. Says no, not to this extreme, but I am confused, so is the doctor.

I know clamps can get undone, I know the chance are very rare, but can happen, I heard 25 percent of the time, it happens. My oldet son says, if god wants you to have a baby girl, he will make it happen. Kids! Lol!

Can I be pregnant and the tests are simply wrong? He never offered a unltra sound be done, but I was thionking of asking him for one. If I was only a few weeks along, could they see the baby?
What can I do? What can make me have this signs, besides pregnancy?

Please help me!!
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replied November 11th, 2006
Especially eHealthy
Your doctor can give you a better idea of what it might be. But if you have tested negative with both blood and hpt tests, you can rest assured you are not pregnant.

It sounds as if your doctor is doing all the tests necessary - but you never said anything about an ultrasound. If your uterus is swollen, i'd ask for one of those.
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