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Recovering From Anorexia

Recently I went on a very restrictive diet and developed an eating disorder. I completely cut out fats, restricting any kind of fatty food from my diet and lost 20 pounds (i wasn't overweight to begin with). As a result, I have not gotten a period for over a year now. I am recovering and I have put some weight back on. I got my blood tested and my cholesterol is too low for my body to menstruate. I need to raise my cholesterol to a healthy level in order to begin taking provera to get my period back. I started eating eggs, whole milk, and very fatty foods. How long will it take of fatty/high cholesterol eating before my cholesterol levels rise that my body will respond to the provera? What other foods should I be eating in order to raise my cholesterol?
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replied November 10th, 2006
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Hi aibetsu, do you like bacon/sausage, they are fatty, and are always, best avoided, for anyone trying to reduce cholesterol levels

herbs can help, too. Dandelion and burdock roots are bitter herbs that promote bile flow, emulsifying fats thoroughly for proper absorption. (you can eat nutty-flavored burdock root as a vegetable, too — scrub well, slice thinly, and add to stir-fries.) eleutherococcus (formerly known as siberian ginseng) can normalize cholesterol levels and regulate metabolic functions.

Also try a vitamin d suppliment, in fact it may well be worth while, getting a multi vitamin suppliment, as your body may be low on these.

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