My wife is going to have a baby next year and we are signed up for aflac supplemental insurance to help offset the cost of the delivery. Our main insurance will pay 90%, so I figure we might have to pay around $1000 out of pocket.

The question I have is can I contribute $1000 to my fsa next year for tax savings on the $1000 I will have to pay or will the money I receive from aflac disqualify me from being reimbursed? The aflac thing is fixed amounts that we get for certain procedures or hospital stays etc. I'm just worried that to get reimbursed from the fsa the policy states it must be expenses that are not covered by other insurance. In the end, I would like to pay the $1000 from taxfree fsa money and then just pocket the aflac payments. Has anyone had experience with this?

Thanks in advance...
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