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Hello All..............

I'm really happy because I get to have my 3d ultrasound saturday and then next weekend i'm having my baby shower. I cant wait. I know its bad but I can look it up and see what people has got me at target and they got me my swing I wanted and it was a hundred dollars. I cant wait ahhhhhh!!! So, I went to the doctor and i'm 30 weeks and he told me that i'm measuring 31weeks. So maybe she will be a december baby instead of jan. I went walking around in the mall and when I got home I started cramping really bad it took it forever to go away I wonder why it was doing that? I'm really scattered brained today!!!

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replied November 9th, 2006
Just because you baby looks like its a week bigger dosnt mean you will have them a week early.. My baby was at the perfect growth for his due date, and here I am a week past.. Cramping is normal, depends on how sivere it is thou.. Talk to you doc about it.. And dont go on long ass walks..
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