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Acidic Fruits Can Trigger Gout Attacks

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posted: 11-05-06 4:44pm .

Question: needing to lose just under 100lbs I joined watch watchers middle of aug and have had a slow steady lost of approximant 1 lb a week. But I also have had trouble with my gout since end of aug. I gave up and went to my dr in oct as the meds were not helping. And I was missing work and very uncomfortable, she ran all kinds of test and every thing was fine except for the uric acid and it was up as we expected. Now it is a process of finding out what it is I have added to my diet that is causing this. I have already removed frozen meals I was eating at lunch such as healthy choice and smart ones., and pineapple these choices were because both were something I had added and was eating on a daily basic. I have a course added vegetables and more fruit and wheat and some white meat .After reading your post I am dropping cauliflower, tomatoes and peas and cut back on pork and chicken. But I was told wheat is also bad for some people with gout. Can you shine any light on this?


Losing less than a pound a week should not trigger gout. I think you triggered your gout by eating too much acidic fruits such as pineapple, etc. You need to avoid acidic foods and alkalize yourself. Appreciate knowing if alkaline diet helps you. Take care.
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replied August 17th, 2009
please i want to know the best food that can help me in not to be in a continuous attack of gout butting in mind that now i have the analysis of uric acid 8.7
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