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Anyone ever tried la weightloss or nutrisystem? If so are they worth trying? A bad idea? Or what?
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replied December 9th, 2006
Dear mara,

i tried loosing weight so many times but now I know why I failed many times. I diet but didn't excercise and I didn't excercise because I didn't have energy. Key to have enough energy to do what you need to do is to be nutrition filled. You maybe eating, and eating a lot meaning well fed, but nutritionally starved. Your cells dictating your brain that you are hungry for more food but the truth is, the cells do not get the nutrition they need.

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replied March 17th, 2007
La Weightloss
I was on LA Weightloss for over a year and lost about 30 lbs. but gained it back very quick once i slipped a few times on the plan. Its a pretty easy plan to understand but outrageously expensive. Until it was all said and done it cost me almost 2 grand. The people at the center I went to were not exactly the friendliest of those to work with. They had no concept of someone who had absolutly no time on their hands. That was the whole point of going there because I wanted someone to say "here it is....follow this" which they did. Recently i've been following Body for Life which seems to be a good balanced plan. Try it out....I really like it.
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