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I truly believe I have bipolar disorder and have believed it for years. I constantly overanalyze things, my mind is always racing about something, I have trouble sleeping more often than not [trouble falling asleep - then waking up several times during the night], over emotional and teary-eyed a lot, the smallest things upset me, irritable, self-esteem is extremely low, no motivation to do things I used to.

I know I was depressed around 3 or 4 years ago. But I believe bipolar disorder has been the culprit of the way i've been feeling.
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replied November 6th, 2006
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You should go and discuss your symptoms with a doctor. Your pcp would be a good place to start and if they feel it is worthwhile, they will refer you to someone who specializes in psychiactirc disorders.
Bi-polar seems to be the over diagnosed disorder these days, when in fact you may just be depressed or anxious about something.
Usually someone with bi-polar disorder will be very manic (overly busy, sometimes giddy, sometimes irritable) for a time and then crash into a depression. A person can cycle many times a day or their mania may last a couple of weeks followed by a couple of weeks of depression.

Go see a medical professiona. Good luck to you.
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replied December 12th, 2006
Symptoms of Bipolar Disorder
Bipolar disorder is a mood disorder characterized by alternating states of depression and mania that follow each other in a repeating cycle.

People with bipolar disorder may cycle through these states quickly or may experience long periods of depression or mania. Often one mood state predominates, while the other occurs only infrequently or briefly. The cause of bipolar disorder is unknown.

Symptoms of the elevated mood stage of bipolar disorder include an exaggerated sense of confidence and well-being, racing thoughts, excessive talking, distractibility, increased desire for pleasurable activity, decreased need for sleep, impulsivity, irritability, and impairment in judgment. The depressed phase includes symptoms of sadness, fatigue, pessimism, feelings of helplessness, low self-esteem, and loss of interest in life, possibly with thoughts of suicide.
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