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Wavy Skull Mean Anything?

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I read some of the other posts and wouldn't make a new post if I didnt see anything else similar to this.

If I shave my head, it will look like the top of my skull was pushed back. I am not depressed or anything. I resently noticed during the 4 hour a day drive and the lack of sleep I had this growing bump on the back of my skull. I thought maybe it was part of my psoriasis and dander my body makes. The psoriasis I diagnosed myself since my head constantly flakes and itches. I also have patches of scales on my lower legs and feet.

But it was a hard lump with no pain, it feels like its apart of my skull on the back. I've also noticed; not sure if its acne or blisters, on top of my skull. I also once in a while have this clear liquid come out of my nose, and its not cold. It will be 90 degrees outside and I will have the sniffles.

I've been bitten by in infestation of fleas in 2 years times. Completely seperate times. I am not overweight and I don't take any illegal drugs.

I also just went through training at work and couldn't remember a single thing they taught me. Not sure if that means anything.

I also have violent tendsies. But never act on them, thank god. Happens about once a year.

I am looking for anything else to post, but that covers all my problems Laughing
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