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Organic Brain Disorder Secondary to Systemic Lupus

I have been seaching the boards for the above topic or a posting. It is very difficult to search for topics as postings are made under topics but often the true subjects are all over the place. In addition, the subject is not usually a "subject" but rather a request or some other non subject statement.

I have severe organic brain disorder which has been evaluated through neuropsychiatric testing. The results were very frightening but since my insurance was cancelled effective 3 days after I was given the test results, I do not know anything about the prognosis, what to expect, what to tell people, the legal ramifications, nothing.

I don't even know whether the brain damage could be due to something other than lupus. I will have medicare next july but until then??????? I am scared to death and I have a 9 year old daughter. What do I do? I live in south florida and they are not so charitable here.

It took over an hour to draft the message, everything takes a very long time. I was diagnosed with lupus 15 years ago and have never had a remission. How quickly will this disorder progress? I am very educated but can hardly deal with every day paperwork and forget 4th grade homework Exclamation I make tons of mistakes such as paying the wrong bill, paying an incorrect amount, etc. If I go out of the house I frequently get lost. Not lost in front of my house, but if I drive into town.
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replied November 19th, 2006
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I hope you feel better? Try to think positive.K?
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