Hi guys!

Im here as a newbie although I have had epilepsy for most of my life!

I was fit free for 15 years, controlled first by epilim and then later changing to lamictal approx 4 years ago.

Now, last friday I suffered my first fit in 15 years. Of course, I thought what the heck is going on here? Im supposed to be controlled.

Well, after a little research, I suspect it may be due to the multi vitamin I was taking for the past month. I usually take centrum and last month I bought the centrum performance. This has ginseng and ginkgo biloba in it. Unknowingly to me, these herbs are actually proconvulsives!!

Well, I just wanted to make you guys aware of this and would like to recommend that anyone with epilepsy avoid this suppliment due to my recent experience.

The normal centrum tablets dont seem to cause a problem as they do not contain these harmful herbs to epileptics and I have found to be helpful in my daily life.

I hope that this information will help you guys


lou x
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