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Severe Back Problem

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I'm hoping someone can help. My brother has a severe back problem..He has been out of work on disability for a little over a year, and he's only 26. He was in a car accident and it apparently worsened a condition he didn't know he had, as well as cause other problems in his back. He has been to many doctors and still nothing. Shots didn't work and he even had a procedure to sever nerve endings in the area to relive some discomfort, but it didn't work. He has two damaged discs in his lower back and one doctor talked about disc replacement surgery (which isn't fda approved yet and he can't have it done since he's not an 'ideal' canidate) and another doctor talked about having the two bad discs fused to the disc above and below them..Which would limit his flexibility but hopefully relieve the pain. But he can't get approved for surgery and i'm not sure why. He can only stand for a few minutes at a time, he can't sit up in a chair...He can't even pick up a glass and put it in the sink without being in pain. Is there anything he can do to help ease the pain? He's also slipping into a depression...And doesn't talk much to anyone anymore. I love my brother and hate to see him like this. Does anyone know of something or someone that can help him? Thanks.
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replied March 16th, 2004
Back Pain
I would suggest that you get him a spine specialist there are option out there. I myself have one of the best in maryland. He is an orthopedic surgeon with a specialty in the spine basically he only deals with spine patients and he is very good and works hard to get to the bottom of the problem. He goes out of his way to help his patients. I will always have issue and he is there for me to keep me comfortable and ultimately get me out of pain. Search your area!
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replied March 17th, 2004
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There are some natural alternatives which might help at least ease the pain glucosamine & chondriotin (sp) 700-1000 mg of each in one tablet twice a day but do 2-3 weeks of one a day to make sure he's not allergic etc & to get his body used to it. Also i'd check accupuncture & other natural remedies (even if they only keep him going till he can have surgery - which i'd be careful about, the ones you mentioned i've known people to have both good & bad results!!).

As to his depression get him on 5htp (tryptophan), dhea, sam-e & vitamin b's - these are all natural supplements & all help relieve stress & depression (start one at a time) the dhea also helps arthritis & similar pain so maybe start that first then 5htp, sam-e & b's last. You can check all these out on a search engine. Oh the dhea can also help weight loss which if he's unable to do anyhting may become a problem & weight will amke the pain worse.
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