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Pain Under Rib Cage -right In Middle

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Can someone offer any information. I have suffered bloating and severe pain under my ribs in the middle of my chest (just below my boobs) for some time. My doctor thought perhaps ibs but no matter what I did, nothing helped. Sometimes pain is worse when I don't eat. Don't know what to do as poain is so bad at times I just have to go to bed in hope that I can fall asleep.
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replied November 14th, 2006
Is it a burning pain or is it a sharp pain, and is it in the "v" of your stomach?
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replied April 13th, 2010
@ cathM hi i have the same problem in the downward v of my rib cage just below my breast as well and mines too tend to hurt more when i dont eat but i am 31 i smoke about a half to 3/4 packs of amokes a day and i drink alchohol on the weekends but mines are burning sharp stabbing pains but at times its a dull pain do you have any suggestions o wut it might be cause i thought it could be an ulcer or perhaps something to do with my digestive system or bowels but i had that checked really recently and all test were fine. please help

desparate for reliefe
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