Hello I was wondering if I could get some feedback. Today I started my period, with bleeding, and heavy cramping but then about 4 hours later I vomited. I'm sexually active, and usually use condoms. A few times however we didn't but there was no ejaculation. But i'm curious about the prejack. I took a pregnancy test but the test failed to be either +/- after the vomiting I feel fine. So am I just over reading things? Or is it not abnormal to feel sick and vomit on your period?

Edit: I read somewhere that those who are pregnant and vomit feel nauseous afterward, but I feel better and my cramps subsided... So i'm not sure if that matters....

Tomorrow i'm going to try another pee stick and maybe it'll give me an actual answer. For now i'm not too worried.
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replied October 31st, 2006
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Pre-cum can definitely get you pregnant. But since it seems like you had your period, .I doubt you're pregnant. Was your period on time? &.I dunno about the whole feeling nauseous even after you vomit thing, but whenever .I puked during early pregnancy, .I felt just fine afterwards.

Just take another test like you said, &use first morning urine for a more accurate result.

Good luckk.
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