I went to the opthamologist today for a baseline for plaquenil. The timing for the appt seemed good since I have woken up the past three mornings with my left eye plastered together with dried eye gunk. I thought it could be pink eye (i have a baby in day care and a first grader...Not out of the question!), but it didn't really bother me during the day. The doc said that he couldn't find any infection and that sometimes people with autoimmune diseases produce extra mucus instead of enough tears. Has anyone else been told this? He gave me some refresh eyes (i think) and said to use it several times daily. Now pink eye sounds pretty good since it's treatable. Every time I see a doc, it seems I am told that it's another symptom and i'll basically have to deal with it.
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replied January 28th, 2004
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I went to the eye dr on tuesday to complain about my dry, red, painful eyes. I asked here if it could be sjorgens (dry eyes and mouth) she said the dr actually has to test for that, but in most cases all you do for it are very thick lubricating drops. Steroids also help if you don't already take them. There is one other med I can't think of. But I find if i'm around a lot of sunlight or flourecent lights, it will cause the same problems.

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