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Colon cancer is not at the forefront of what few speculations I can make (or perhaps it's just one I would really prefer not to make), but this seemed to be the best place here to ask... Three days ago, after having a bowel movement, I felt inside and felt a lump, as near as I can tell, two inches or so inwards just below my internal anal sphincter, and just in front of my tailbone. The size is difficult to judge, but while not particularly large, it is of considerable size. It's somewhat hard, and as I discovered a little later on, accompanied by a smaller, softer and elongated sort of lump leading down nearer to my anus, as well as a small bump on the opposite end of my rectal wall. What all of these have in common is that, without a doubt, no single trace of them was present just two days earlier. If there were any other related symptoms to be detected, it's that I felt terribly ill (sore all over, slightly feverish, with a general malaise) just the night before, but that began to subside later on in the night (as I tried with little success to sleep), and I have since felt completely relieved.

The first thought that crossed my mind was that it was an internal hemorrhoid. I was quite upset by this, given that I had experienced an external hemorrhoid about six months ago, which I found to be quite a miserable experience as it persisted for over a month, with a terribly painful climax, but mercifully swift and uncomplicated resolution. However, the first and second lumps in question are quite clearly not protruding from my rectal wall, but are located behind it. The small bump on the opposite side I mentioned clearly is, but it is just that: a small bump, and not a mass of swollen veins.

So, I am quite confused, all in all... If anyone can give me an idea of what the cause of this is, I would much appreciate it. Though I am not predisposed to alarm, any answer which happens to honestly and correctly suggest that it is the result of some unfortunate reaction, infection, or something otherwise relatively benign and impermanent would be a great relief...
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replied November 3rd, 2006
Well, this apparently wasn't the best place to ask... All the same, the two lumps have now decreased noticeably in size and hardness, and I cautiously expect that they shall continue to do so. The small bump I mentioned is gone, as well. However, any insight into what these are and what may have caused them would still be greatly appreciated.
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replied November 3rd, 2006
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Dear sonet,

i'm sorry you haven't gotten a response yet from users in the colon cancer forum. You can try a few things:

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If you receive no response after these attempts, please pm me at "admin" and i'll see what else might help you.

Best, admin
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