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Surfers Ear

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I am hoping someone may be able to help me with some advice,

i am a 44 surferand suffer from surfers ear. I had both ears drilled about 20 years ago when I lived in victoria, australia and used to surf the colder water.

I moved to the warmer climate of byron bay just after the operation and in the past 20 years spent 6months in the snow in france and 18 months surfing in cold cornwall and the remainder in byron bay.

The bone growth came back and about five/ six years ago my left ear was drilled again.

My right ear canal is now nearly blocked and the left ear isn�t too good either.

I�ve never been discipline about wearing plugs and using drops.

I am currently days away from another operation on my right ear and my specialist wants me to give up surfing spam a sport I love besides swimming diving and the odd infrequent snow trip.

I am currently using drops from the above company -

who claim that their drops can reduce the bone growth.

1. Do you think this is possible ?

2. Have you ever seen the growth arrested/stopped in an active surfer who uses drops and ear plugs fastidiously.

I want to surf the rest of my life, I don�t get infections now as a rule , my hearing has been tested to be normal but slightly down on my right ear.Mmy right ear canal is very small but it does actually drain.

3. What do you think I should do?

4. How many operations can you have?

I�d appreciate any help or advise you can give me .
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replied November 28th, 2011
I started using expanding foam earplugs, commonly used for loud noise (rock bands, machine shops). They do cut down on noise a lot so tell all your mates to yell when you have the plugs in. You should also get used to wearing a hood (squid-lid). If you don't like hoods, then that's just tough doody! A hood is a must for minimizing surfers ear. You must keep your ears warm. Warmth is the anti-surfers ear. I also use Q-tips to clean out waxy build up. I know doctors say never ever stick a Q-tip in your ear, but it works for me. I have a careful technique, I never jab, never poke the eardrum, never scrub or irritate the skin. The goal is to get infected wax out, not push it in further. I believe I've managed to control and hopefully halt the progress of surfers ear with these methods, but sinus clogging/infection is still a problem. My nose doesn't drain after a surf like it used to when I was young, so I think a similar thing happens in the nose as it does in surfer's ear. I've seen an ocassional surfer wear nose plugs, but I haven't gone that far yet!
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