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Throbbing Temple

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Hey all, lately i've been getting this throbbing in my right temple. Its not a pain, it just throbs. A lot. And I don't think its like a blood pressure thing which, as of about four months ago was normal.

I'm not particulalry stressed, and i'm not unfit (we could all do more tho, eh?!). Anybody had anything like this?
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First Helper nanumir

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replied November 2nd, 2006
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Your best bet would be to get your blood pressure checked again. Have you been eating saltier foods? That can boost up your bp temporarily. You don't have to make an apt with a doc to get it checked. Alot of pharmacies and most wal marts have a "do it yourself" automated blood pressure checker.
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replied February 13th, 2007
Same Symptoms
Jimmyboy, I have the exact same symptoms are you describe...Right side throbbing, not painful, good bp and fit.....Did you ever find out whats going on? Your reply would be appreciated. Thanks
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replied April 19th, 2009
this can be very disquieting as a symptom, it can make the sufferer think they are going to develop an aneurysm or go into stroke because of the throbbing in the head... it is blood pressure, when we get stressed it reams to extreme levels and that causes the throbbing sensations. over long periods of time it does become dangerous, so you need to talk to your doc about bp meds.
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