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Stressing At Work, It's Been a Lousy Year...

Hey everyone,

i'm new to these forum's as of this evening. I've been having some rough times at work and I feel bad for my husband having to listen to me over and over so I figured i'd try the best listeners in the world, a forum.

I started working at this body shop in march of 05', my husband had worked there previously for five years until they let him go this past march. We changed the way we do things to a lean production, kind of how toyota builds cars. Anyway they said he wouldn't "fit in" so they booted him, he's happier now so no big deal. Anyway, I have been trying to hang in at this place until I graduate which is in spring but have been looking for jobs in the mean time. I kid you not but I almost walked out yesterday and once today. My boss talks to us like we are two year olds and the other employees react by biting each others heads off. No one treats anyone with any respect and the tension in the office is rising because we are all terrified of making mistakes and there are way to many things to do in an eight hour day.

The manager talks to much. Enough said there but he just gives everyone an information overload everytime you ask a question. The lady who does estimates is lazy when it comes to helping a customer who walks in the door, instead of helping them she waits for myself or the other girl who sits next to me, even if we are on the phone. The "marketing lady" who is also the boss's father's girlfriend and is not involved in anything as far as customer service in the office goes buts in and can be extremely rude. I recently found out she was fired from her last job. I'm guessing because she can't be nice to anyone and can't be trusted. The guy who runs this place, the owner's son is a real piece of work. He owns half as well but he swears constantly and sometimes directed towards us, he makes us feel like everything we do is wrong and nothing will get done unless he can do it himself. I had put my two week notice in a month ago because he pissed me off so bad and his excuse was that this is the way he is and he won't change even if he loses out on good employees.

I have been trying to get another job, the market sucks in wisconsin. I am terrified that one day I will tell them all where to go and walk out. I called in sick last thursday because I dreaded another day in the office which I read is something that is on the rise in the us, people calling that is. I just really needed to vent and hear other stories so I don't feel so crazy and so alone in this lousy job market.

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