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Dental-blister-like Problem On My Gums

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I recently had a root canal done and now a have a blister-like pimple on my gums. Should I be worried? Crying or Very sad
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replied January 28th, 2004
Extremely eHealthy
I take it you are bulimic? Yes this is definitly a bad sign... I never had them as being bulimic but I know my cousin did.. It means way too much acid has been coming up.. .Its basically a warning sign. It wont nessesarily do anything but please do be worried.. I wish u would consider recovery, r u considering it? Bulimia does more awful things then u can imagine. .Even if u dont feel them happening. Trust me I know from experience. I have been recovering for 2 months tho. How old r u and how long have u had your e/d?
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