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Chronic Pain

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Chronic pain affects more than 70 million Americans. But what is pain? And how can pain management help relieve different types of pain? Basic facts here....
How does the nervous system work to register pain? And what are the major causes of acute and chronic pain? Plus, who's at risk of pain here....
Acute and chronic pain manifest different symptoms. Learn the difference here and know when to seek medical help for pain....
I just got forwared an article about hypnosis pain management by a buddy looking through digg. Has anyone tried it? I have tried anything is it worth it. He also spoke about emotions and pain, I don't get how feelings cause pain. I talked to the guy in baltimore and he said he has done work and trained with someone called ron eslinger. I'm at the end of my rope with and a few hours drive from baltimore. Is this legit or is hypnosis a bunch of crap?
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replied December 11th, 2006
Hypnosis is a bit of everything, but very much up to yourself to believe it's working. If you have no faith in the results, it's not for sure it'll make any difference.
Be careful though, because hypnosis is nothing to play around with. It can be dangerous if the hypnosist for one or another reason isn't sure what he or she is doing.

Physical and emotional connection is nothing strange, and yes, physical pain can be intensified by strong emotions. Most people have had a hurting tummy from being nervous as an example.
Doctors today are a lot better in connecting physical and emotional symptoms than they used to be, but it's far from perfect.

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