I had bilateral neuroma surgery 6 months ago. I continue to have numbness, which I expect do to the removal of these nerves. But, the pain has no rhymn or reason. I don't know if it is diet related, or if it is too much exercise, but the pain is worse on some days. Tramadol seems to help, and I think neurontin helps. I was diagnosed with pn, but none of the tests showed pn. Just a bad ankle reflex. But, I was told by a podiatrist that this reflex tends to diminish with age. I'm not diabetic. 102 was my glucose....Low cholesterol and triglycerides....So confusing.
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replied October 22nd, 2006
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Hi there! Have you thought about seeking another opinion from another neurologist,i do not know if a reflexologist would help. I did not like neurontin, it kind of made me feel kind of out of it but we are all different and I do not know how many mg., you are taking but your doc might want to up your dose. I live with alot of neuro problems too so I do understand what pain is and I can hardly walk and it effects my vision, I too have pn and rsd, I also use valium.I am not a dr but have you tried a .T.E.N.S unit, it does help some people you might want to check it out on the internet and talk to your dr about it. My dr alqays said that he wished he could find the magic pill for me amd I wish your dr could do the same for you! Keep us posted. I am on methadone and roxanal for pain among other meds.
Good luck
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