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How to Shave Your Balls/penis??

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Hey ya'll
i am a harry guy but I hear girls really like the smooth balls/penis thing these days. However I did try shaving once and ouch, never want to do that again, I couldn't even finish it. I have hairs on my balls and part of the lower part of the penis. How do you shave the balls when its not really a solid thing like your face?
What about waxing or other methods?
Please advice on how you do it if you shave/wax/other.
Thanks again
oh and is hair on the penis shaft itself, like at the bottom common? Anyone have girls be turned off by it?
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replied October 21st, 2006
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Yes hair on the base of the penis is normal.

When I shaved my fella I held the skin over his balls taught so I could shave them but I have to say it is not the easiest thing to do.

Personally I don't think the smooth balls/penis thing is that good - it's kinda wrong almost making the guy appear child like - nope sorry not right.

Much nicer is a tidy trimmed groin area.
Which can be done with scissors (depending on your skill) or with a beard trimmer - don't go for stubble length though - ouchies prickles.
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