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Hysterectomy - Best Thing That Happened to Me!!!

new here and reading some of the questions which I also had before my surgery. Had my surgery in april of 2001 - total - everything including both ovaries and cervix. Am 50 now. Just a few comments.

- first - sex is just as great after as before - no noticeable change! Husband is crawling all over me at this moment even!!!

- fixed what ailed me before - had been so dizzy and not able to walk without a walker for 1/2 year before surgery. Had no idea they were related to one another. Was losing a lot of blood each month from fibroids.

- started out taking hrt patch for a year or so but decided I didn't really need them. Have not noticed any difference for past 6 months of not taking them. Just a few minor hot flashes now and then.

- also the fibroids that they always found in my mammograms have also disappeared. Always had to go and get an ultrasound done after the mammogram as they always spotted lumps. I think it all must be related.

Don't be afraid to get one done if you need to. Healing takes a few weeks but for me being able to walk without a walker the day after surgery sealed it for me. Feeling great now and don't miss those monthlys. I think more research needs to be done on the effects.

Hope this helps.
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replied March 2nd, 2004
i am new to this site, was trawling through looking for info on hystorectomy (due to get op in april 04) and I came across you guys.
I live in scotland, not the usa but I have the same reservations and concerns. A lot of my q & fears you have helped with (thankyou).

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replied November 23rd, 2004
You Don't Have to Give Up Your Uterus!!
I know it's too late, but wanted to make sure that others know about a new treatment for fibroids i've found...

You might consider checking out a new procedure called halt. You can keep your uterus, treat all of your fibroids and bounce back rather quickly. It can treat all fibroids and doesn't use radiation (like ufe/uae), doesn't cut off the blood supply to your uterus, no overnight hospital stay (it's an outpatient procedure), little or no pain management and as little as a 3 day recovery.

Halt is done by an obgyn- not a interventional radiologist (lie ufe/uae). I don't think that I could trust someone who doesn't specialize in treating women's reproductive organs.

Two very small incisions are made. One for a laparoscope, another for a narrow needle that deploys ultrasound to shrink the fibroid. The fibroids don't come back.

For more info about the procedure, check out Haltfibroids.Com. I'm seriously considering this as my option and have been looking for solutions for a long time.

Take care!
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replied November 23rd, 2010
get the surgery
forget all the people who don't want to or too afraid to get a hysterectomy! this is an awesome surgery. just think, no monthlys, pms, or the possibility of an unwanted or unplanned pregnancy. it's your ticket to a care-free life. SO DO IT Smile
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