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Anyone Have An Hpv Siuation?

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I found out I had the cancer causing hpv a month afteri started having sex with my current boyfriend. Six months later, I found a wart on my vulva. My Dr. Told me that my bf had already been exposed and that if I didn't want to tell him I didn't have to because he had already been exposed and would have already gotten it. I treated the wart with condolox about a month ago. He was out of town and it only took about 6 days for the entire thing to be completly gone & healed.

I was sexually active with a few people before him, but I went for about 3 years without having sex with anyone. Then I started having sex with him and it showed up. I had a pap & sti test ( before sex with him)& nothing showed up at all until now. I know that hpv can lie dormat in your body for quite sometime, but it seems like the wart causing kind would come up (from what i've read) within 6 months (which is how long we had been having sex before it showed up).

I wonder if I got it from him or from a previous partner and I wonder if it will come back. If so can I treat it with the condolox again?

Do I have to eventually tell him? We are very close & he was my high school sweetheart and we got back together about 9 years later. We have been together for about 9 months now and I feel so lonely not letting him in on it but at the same time I know he loves me so much and would probably understand, but our sex life is wonderful and I don't want him to feel weird or turned off.
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