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Question About Ovarian Cyst Symptoms? Or Pcos?

I am 36, not sexually active (for 4 years now), no children yet (but I want them very much!!). I normal weight is 105 pounds, and I have been vegetarian for 30 years. I do not eat sugar or any packaged foods. Am not taking any medications - prescription or otherwise. One year ago, in a moment of severe stress, I felt a sharp, pulsing pain in my lower left abdomen just over where my left ovary should be. It had disappeared by the following day. Over the next 3 months or so I would feel this similar pain when I was exercising or physically active. I also was very aware of a heaviness in that same region most of the time - but no actual pain. From january through march I was pretty much home bound as a result of an unrelated accident (2 broken wrists / 1 broken leg). I noticed some abdominal bloating during this time but I related it to my inactivity. I was still very aware of this specific heaviness in my lower left pelvis area throughout this time. In june, I discovered a hard, oval shaped lump in the same area - between the size of a golf ball and a small lemon. I should also mention that for about one year prior, I had been having significantly lighter periods, at times almost non-existent but always on time. This had also been one of the most stressful years of my life (major accident, started a new business, serious family issues, law suit, etc...) after much research I ascertained that I must have an ovarian cyst.

In august, I began taking a combination herbal supplement . By my second period the bleeding was more like normal and I noticed a significant amount of dark (old dried) blood on my tampons - particularly on the left side of the tampon. I notice the abdominal bloating diminish significantly at times when I am taking the supplement and exercising regularly. However, I began a new business this year and the work demands don't allow for a lot of regualarity with the exercise. I spend 18 hours at the computer some days and then the abdominal swelling is just relentless. I did enroll in salsa classes 2 times per week beginning last week and I did notice a feeling of circulation in this area that had begun to feel like a heavy, dead weight inside of me. But it's probably too soon to say much about that. This is not the same kind of swelling I feel from eating a big bowl of beans; instead it is a much heavier feeling centralized in my lower abdomen that is very constant.

I have little family history to go on. My mother was adopted and we know nothing of her family medical history. My fathers family is virtually non-existent and entirely non-communicative. I do know that one of his sisters had a grapefruit sized cyst removed at around the age of 50. His other sister had significant lower abdomen swelling during menopause. His mother (according to my mothers' memory) believed she had ovarian cysts and definitely had a lot of abdominal swelling throughout her life. This along with male baldness and diabetes along with other minor things lead me to believe there might be a family history of pcos - polycystic ovarian syndrome.

In hindsight, I believe I had a similar problem at age 12 - also a very stressful year (my parents divorced). I gained 30 pounds and had a large bulb of fat in my lower abdomen that noticeable enough for kids at school to point out. At 22 I had a very short (3 or 4 months) phase where my normally very consistent periods became non-existent and I had the abdominal swelling. I thought I was pregnant that time and was teased severely for my mistake. Also at age 28, I gained 85 pounds and had similar issues with lighter periods and a slight pain in one side. Both times the weight disappeared almost instantly by exercising for a couple of hours every day. This time, I have been very consistent with my normally very strict diet so I do not believe that there is any reason at all to think the weight is "fat". I have gained a full size in my pants though while maintaining my normal weight.

Does any of this sound familiar to anyone out there? I'd be very greatful for any insight at all.
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