First let me begin by apologizing. I'm long-winded.

I've had constant headahces for as long as I can remember. Meaning, I can remember having headaches all the time since I was 10. I'm 29 now.

My migraines didn't begin until I was 18. At first, I thought it was because of my teeth (yeah, lesson learned the hard way, got that fixed two years ago). However, even after getting em all pulled, they still exist. In fact, they're hit a new low. Rather than the joys of dizziness, disorientation (getting lost in the house), throwing up, sensitivity to light and sound (especially light), and or passing out happening occasionally I now have these hit me all the time. 4-6 times a week.

I also have a constant ringing of the ears. That too has been with me since I was 18. The good thing about this ringing is that about 20 mins before a migraine hits, the tone in my head and ears changes to a dull sound. That's my only warning to a full blown migraine.

Sometimes my migraines are focussed on my right side, sometimes my left. However, as of the last year it's primarily been focussed square dead in the middle or front. Either way doesn't matter, it's the pain that I can't stand.

I've tried re-arranging my sleep schedule, i've tried changing my diet, nothing's working. I'm done with trying to sleep at night, that makes things worse. (haven't slept at night on a regular basis since I was in school - it's easier and a lot more fulfilling to sleep during the day for me - that and I tend to get insomnia from sleeping at night)

i've tried aleve, tylenol and now i'm on excedrin for migraines. 2, 3, and 4 doesn't do jack diddly. Trust me, you get to the point where you want your head to explode and you get desperate. Writhing around in the darkness, crying for relief...Yeah, it get's bad. They usually run for between 30 mins to 6 hours at a time. Sometimes I get a nice little reprieve and then it picks up again, right where it left off in the pain department. No warning the second and third go arounds.

I wouldn't call my constant 24/7 hour headaches migraines, but they're bad enough to have my eyes welling up all the time.

Well, i've done enough rambling. If anyone can shed some insight or offer advice, i'd be most grateful. Thank you.
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replied September 3rd, 2008
Maybe this can help
I have had headaches too and then after I had my son two and a half years ago I began having migraines daily. It was to the point where I did not think that I could go on living that way anymore. I have tons of drug allergies (can't take aspirin, Advil, NSAID's, or many other pain relievers) so I was maxing out on Tylenol daily so much so that I started getting rebound headaches (ouch too). The migraines made it so I could not think straight, was dizzy, unable to bend my neck it hurt so bad and the pressure in my face was unbelievable. I decided to see a chiropractor and I can honestly say he has helped so much. You might want to look into that if you have not tried it already. I have heard that acupuncture also helps although I did not try this myself. Good luck and I hope it gets better soon.
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replied September 4th, 2008
Would if I could...
but my financial situation has gone from bad to worse as of this year. Down to a mini-fridge and a small fan. Fridge died a few months ago and my ac died last month. Half tempted to get a credit card....
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replied September 6th, 2008
I was once there
I suffered from severe migraines several times per month as long as I can remember too. I can tell you that after years of trying everything you mentioned, I have finally found something that helped me. Detoxifying the body. I cleanse my body weekly now and I only get migraines during my menstrual cycles now instead of all month. Nutrional Cleansing has been life changing for me. There is some cost involved but for me, I would give up my last dime to make sure I could cleanse than do anything else. Hope this helps.
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