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My Anixety Triggers the Nerves In My Large Intestine.....

Hi i'm new at this but I was just wondering if anyone else has this problem and knows how to deal with it.....I find that everytime I get upset, angry, etc all negative emotions make my nerves go wild but they only effect my stomach I get urges that I have to go make a bale movement and sometimes cause diaherra.......Does anyone now how to deal with this besides imodium???????????
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replied October 16th, 2006

yes I get this too. As soon as i'm angry or after crying my tummy will start to churn and almost like a constant bubbling inside. It usually last a few hours. I find if I sit calmly and quietly for at least half an hour it settles a little but have found no real cure other than to try not to get too upset. I think this is a common reaction to stress.
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