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Mono And Sex

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Can mono be passed through seamen? Can mono be passed from mouth to body contact? Is it recommended that I do not engage in any sexual activity until I am completly better which would be 4-6 weeks I hear. Thanks for any answers, and I apologize my post is a little incoherent.
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replied October 11th, 2006
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http://www.Uwlax.Edu/studenthealth/healtht opics/generalhealth/mono.Asp wrote:

how is mono passed?

Mono is not highly contagious and many college students are immune to mono without knowing it. Mono is passed by close contact, not by casual contact with roommates or friends. Mono is spread through saliva so intimate contact (kissing, sharing drinking glasses, etc.) is the usual method of spreading mono. The virus can be in the saliva (and capable of being passed to another person) on and off for a lifetime.

http://www.Vpul.Upenn.Edu/ohe/library/cold /mono.Htm wrote:
the virus that causes mono is only spread through saliva and mucus.
Common sources of infection are kissing, sharing beverages, and sharing eating utensils.
It is not passed through blood, and is not airborne.
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