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Headaches That Last All Day, What Should I Do

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Hi. I'm not sure how to start so let me begin a couple weeks ago. It started off late one night with episode of severe chest pain followed by a episode of uncontrolable shaking which lasted roughly two minutes. After that, I experienced lingering chest pain for the next week or so. During this week or so time frame, I also developed a strange numbing sensation in my left arm/hand and also in the lower left side of my face. This bothered me, so I went and saw a doctor.

The doctor did a ekg and determined there was nothing wrong with my heart. The numbness in my arm and face was something he did not have a answer to. He suspected it could be a pinched nerve or something else. He also said that these type of symptoms go away after a week or two. Finally, he thought I might be under a lot of stress and that I was exhibiting signs of anxiety. He attributed this to my severe mood swings. So he gave me a few sample packs of risperdal (risperidone) tablets one milligram each. For those unfamiliar, risperdal is a anti-psychotic medication given to patients with schizoprenia and bi-polar disorder. He advised I take half a pill per day for a week, and step up to a full pill after that. I thought about it long and hard and decided to take this medication, because I was really stressing out over this chest pain and numbness.

I think the pills made a difference, they helped with my anxiety. Gradually, the numbness in my left arm and left side of my face dissappeared, as did the chest pain. So for a few days, I was back to normal again. Until the past couple days.

At first, it started of as a mild headache. Followed by pain in my eyes and sensitivity to light. This continued for a day. The pain in my eyes and sensitivity to light went away. But the headache worsened.

I am no expert on headaches. I cannot sit here and tell you I am having a headache right now or whether its a brain tumor or a bug crawled up my nose and is crawling around in my brain. I don't know, i'm just giving examples. It is hard to put into words the type of agony I am experiencing. The best way I could describe it is a tension headache. It feels like my brain is being compressed. The sides of my head above my ears. Sometimes in the middle of my head. It makes my head hurt just trying to describe it.

At first I thought it was this medication. Because anti-psychotic medications change the way your brain functions and sends chemicals and stuff ( i'm not a expert ). So, I abrubtly stopped taking the medication. In fear that this headache would worsen. Since I am taking very low dosages (just 1 mg a day), I didn't think I would get that much withdrawal symptoms.

Anyways, I have been off the medication for two days now. I have a constant headache that seems to last all day long into the night. It's starting to really bother me and I am getting stressed out again. It makes me sick (nauseous forgot how to spell the word) to the point where I don't want to eat. Lying in bed helps, it seems to make the feeling go away. That is, until I get back up.

Right now, I don't know what to do. It feels like I am going insane. I've talked to a therapist I once saw, he works with patients who take this medication. He advised that I might develop a headache for a few days if I stop taking the medication. But I don't see how this applies to me because I stopped taking the medication because of headaches.

Also, I was taking the medication wrong (i think). It says to peel back the foil, and take out the pill. It also says "do not push the pill out of the foil, this could damage the pill". I've been pushing it out of the foil. Also, since I initially started taking half a pill a day, I was saving the other half for my next dosage. This drug website says "once the pill is out of the package, take immediatly and discard any remains." I have been saving the other half like I said, out in the open. I don't know if any of this means anything but I thought I just throw it in there. My therapist said it doesn't mean anything, it's just a clever way for drug companies to get you to buy more drugs. They tell you to discard the other half so you buy more drugs sooner.

Please, I don't know what to do or what to expect. I don't know what's causing these headaches and I don't know when I am going to get better. That's what hurts the most. If I go see a doctor, the most amount of time he is going to spend with me is approximatly 15 minutes, in which case he'll probably tell me to take some tylenol/advil/aleve/excedrin/aspirin and call him in the morning. Something like that. I've tried taking advil migraine headache medication, seems to make the pain worse. Two tylenol maximum strength seem to have no affect.

I welcome any input, comments and/or suggestions because I am hanging on by a thin thread. I've already lost my job because of my illness. And my life seems to be going downhill. My previous post in the carpal tunnel section went unanswered. I don't think I have carpal tunnel. But anways, I hope someone answers me. Thanks for your time.

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