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I have had a yeast infection, but I kept getting them back everytime I treated them, and I think it's for the fact he just keeps giving them back to me, so I think he has it and we both need to work that out so we can both stop geting them back and forth, he is the type of person that thinks something totally different if I was to tell him he would think im cheating, but a yeast infection isnt nothing serious we can get it just because, and I never cheated I just got it.. I just dont know of a way to tell him ebcause I am scared of his reactions because of the type of person he is, can someone please tell me how to tell him it isnt serious and most girls get it and I think I gave it to you and itsnothing serious please.. Hes the type of person who will flip out and probably think im cheating and all of that...
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replied October 12th, 2006
I am no medical expert but yes, I think he can be giving it back to you.

I think your best option would be to talk to your doctor first. Then, ask your boyfriend to go to the doctor with you and have the doctor explain everything, including how he too may have to have medication, so that he doesn't give it back to you.

If your boyfriend insists that you must have been cheating to be able to get it, then you need to ask him if he cheated, got it and then passed it to you.
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replied February 5th, 2007

a yeast infection can be caused by a number of things, if your undies are too tight, it your are wet down there alot the mositure can cause it, if you are allergic to the laxtex of a condom, or the soaps that you use scented. But I agree with ^^ if you are getting them back to back after being treated, it can be caused by your sexual partner, doesnt mean hes cheating, maybe hes not showering right away, and bacteria is getting there. Your right a yeast infection can easily be treated, but if left untreat it can turn into more! I would suggest to go see a dr, they will give you a cream or a diflucan pill. I would explain to your boyfriend that its very important to shower after sex, and that s yeast infection can be caused by a number of things, show him online, so that hes not all freaking out, becaue men dont understand our women problems we have to physically show them. So thats what I would suggest, and just tell him that its nothing bad, that you all just have to work on it together! Good luck, adn let us how it goes.


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