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2 Months And Counting, Throat And Sinus

36 yr old male, great health (until recently). One pack a day smoker for 17 yrs.

About early august, I noticed a slight tickle in my throat. I also was in the middle of a long addiction to afrin due to chronic sinusitis. I was out of town in a class and was to see my ent when I returned. I returned the 18th and immediately went to an urgent care facility. My throat felt as if something was pushing it closed from the right side. I had no trouble swallowing and no change in voice. There were no noticeable lumps other than the feeling in my neck. The pressure seems to be outside of the throat, but in the neck. The md gave me prednisone and antihistamines.

3 days later, it was worse. The same md did an x-ray and found nothing remarkable and sent me home to finish the prednisone.... When I swallow now, my neck bones crack and pop (front side, not vertebrae).... Further, I constantly swallow air and have an inability to burp. I quit the afrin cold just prior to the first visit.

2 days later, even worse.... But now with post nasal drip so bad that my throat is burning also. I could not sleep for any extended period of time. I have already arranged an appointment with my ent for the next week.

Ent places a tool into my nostril and looks into my throat. He finds nothing and sets a date for a ct scan and barium swallow tests.

Two weeks later I re-visit the ent md after the ct scan and barium swallow. Ent advised of nothing found, no growths/masses. Ent did note sinusitis again as evident by cavity filled up. I took up nasal irrigation with saline just prior to this visit. Seems to be clearing up the sinuses as I can sleep at night without aid of nose spray to keep my nose clear. There was a noticeable amount of blood when I blew my nose after irrigation... But has subsided. Still ocassionaly, I get yellow rubbery discharge after irrigation. I am assuming pus.

Ent prescribes antibiotics........ Also prescribed flexeril as he stated I may be having muscle spasms in my neck.

Has been two weeks since last visit. Throat is as bad as it has ever been during the last month and a half to 2 month ordeal. Trouble sleeping. Energy level is drained. Pains from the right side of my neck radiate through my jaw around my ear and eyes on the same side.

I had a revisit with my ent the other day. I explained the pains, and the still present neck pressure and pains. He advised of chronic sinusitis. Rhinosinusitis. He referred me to another ent because he doesn’t surgeries anymore. He stated I might have a cyst/polyp that needs to be removed from my sinuses. He also set me up another ct scan for the new ent. From what was shown to me of the ct scan, it does show two masses, one in each cavity on either side of my nose. Of course the tech stated she could not advise me of what they were. She would only state that the areas should be black… which they were not.

My new ent appointment isn’t until nov 8th, which is another month tacked onto the two months of suffering so far.

Btw, my throat actually feels better when I eat Confused

Is it possible that the neck pains, pressure, etc are side effects to the rhinosinusitis?

Anything else I should consider? Any experiences similar to mine?

Thank you for your time.
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replied September 13th, 2007
Hello Corporal,

Your description is a dead ringer for what I am currently going through. Even down to the pain in the right side of the neck.

This has been a nightmare for me, as I was also a long time smoker and am worried about the big C. I've had it going on for about 3 weeks now and I am currently on my third day of taking antibiotics and antihistamines, but still have yet to see any change in my symptoms.

I am hoping that you still check this account every once in a while and can fill me in on what exactly it was and how your doing now. Maybe you can help me make suggestions to my doctor as to where to look.

Please send me a PM or check your messages. I have sent you my email address.

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replied September 15th, 2007
I ended up having extensive Sinus Surgery; Maxillary, Ethmoid and Frontal sinuses, along with turbinates and septum work.

Still having some sinus troubles, but can breathe as good as ever. Throat pains have mostly disappeared.

Seems to have all been caused by the Chronic Sinusitus that had become severe.
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replied September 15th, 2007
Thank you Corporal,

Good to hear that it wasn't cancer, but the surgery part doesn't sound good.

I've just taken my last antibiotic and am still on the antihistamines. I still have good hours and bad hours and the condition seems to change over the course of the day.

My throat still feels constricted and the neck pain which seems to be anywhere from my right collar bone to the lower part of my right ear comes and goes depending on how I flex my neck. Talking extensively still tends to tire my throat out and gets sore.

I'm getting alot of mucus from my sinuses and my throat. Sinus conjestion was bad yesterday. Sinus congestion hasn't really been a problem, but I do feel what I'm pretty sure is PND. I'm using a lot of saline spray to try and flush them as often as possible, but the mucus seems to have no end.

Thank you very much for responding. I will run this by my doctor on my next visit and see what he says. I'll post the results if you like.

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replied September 16th, 2007
What helps tremendously is Sinus Irrigation. I use Neil Med Sinus Relief, and get it from Eckerd or Walgreens. Once you get the hang of it, you can manipulate your head tilts and get a lot of thick mucous out of your Maxillary Sinuses. It helped my congestion a bit before Surgery and still use it daily now, even 10 months post surgery.

When I was having the throat issues, a cat-scan was ordered for my neck, and it caught the lower area of my Maxillary Sinuses too. Nothing was found in my Throat/Neck area, but the Polyps were found in the lower area of my Maxillaries, which inevitably lead to the Sinus Surgery after more thorough cat-scans.

I still have minor issues, but attribute most if not all to the Sinusitis, and am on weekly allergy shots now.
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replied November 15th, 2007
My doctor suspected Silent Reflux. I finally went to an ENT for a second opinion and he said the same thing.

I had an esophagram done and found that I have a Hiatal Hernia. Since then I have started watching when and what I eat, taking Prilosec and a swig of Maaylox before sleeping and have elevated the head of my mattress.

I am now feeling much much better. My throat doesn't get tired when I talk anymore and the pain and lumpy feeling have all but gone.

I still think I had Post Nasal Drip that may have been complicating it, but that has also gotten better now that the season has changed. I'm now a sinus irrigator thanks to you Smile

Thanks again!
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