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34 Weeks And In Hospital

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Hey girls,
i am now 34 weeks today, yay!!! I am in the hospital though. I started spotting wednesday. My dr's office did a sonogram thurs. My cervix is really short and totally funneling, with baby's head right there. I asked to see a doc. And the sono tech. Talked to the doc and he sent me to triage. They hooked me up to the toco and baby heart beat monitor, and I was contracting. They gave me a shot and pill of terbutaline, which helped the contractions tremendously. The doc. On call was in a c-section and was going to send me home, 2 hours a way. I asked the nurse to please check me b/f discharging as the son. Tech. Didn't think things looked good. She felt confident that I was fine, but checked anyway. She checked and said she couldn't send me w/o the doc. Hours later the doc came in and was also going to send me home with terbutaline since the contractions stopped. I asked her too to check me since the nurse didn't think it was a good exam. She checked me and said I couldn't go anywhere. I am 1-2cm dialated (maybe more, but she didn't want to push the cerclage - stitch to keep me from dialating.), 50% effaced, and the baby is at a -1 station. They'll keep me here on terb until I am 35 weeks unless the baby comes before then. At that point, they'll take the cerclage out and take me off bedrest and see what happns.

I will only have my friend's laptop until sun. Or mon., so after that it may be a while before I can post. Look forward to hearing from you all.
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replied October 7th, 2006
Especially eHealthy
Aw it must suck being in hopsital. I know the feeling. I had recurrent utis during my pregnancies so I was in hospital for a week or more each time hooked on a drip and bored senseless. At least you know that your baby will be here soon!

Don't worry i'm sure s/he will be fine. I'd take this chance to just relax and sleep as much as you can. You deserve it! Xxx
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