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Strange Feelings In My Testicles

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Ok this is my first post and I dont really know where to put this so here goes....

I am 17 years old and have recently been experience strange sensations in my testicles/genitals/scrotum whatever the hell its called area. These feels include a burning sensation, sometimes a sorta cramping feeling, other times a sort of feeling you get you you get hit in the balls. It is mostly in the left testicle, but sometimes goes to the right and other times on my actual penis itself and also a bit into the abdomen. Being a rather paranoid worry wort kind of guy, I am very worried about this.

I have been working out regularly for the last couple months, mostly weight lifting and such. Nothing special, just a normal workout ruitine. I have also been taking omega 3 fish oil, vitamine b6, magnesium 250 mg, vitamin c, and multi vitamins for general health and for an anxiety problem (derealization and depersonalization). I had also been feeling kinda depressed but I think that is from me coming back to reality with my dp/dr as stated above, which seems to be common with people that have that.

Last week and a half ago I started masturbating a lot like at least 2 to 5 times per day, different from my regular once a day masturbation. I then stopped for a while taking breaks or 1 to 3 days, to ease up, as I had felt and also read about masturbation increasing anxiety and causing depression in people that do it to often, as I msot definately was doing.

About 3 days ago I noticed that my testicles were feeling different. They were softer than normal. No change in shape of size or anything, they jsut felt more fluid than before.

The last break I took was for 3 days and jerked it on a wednesday, and then again on thursday. Before I jerked off on wednesday, by sack was feeling rather more harder compared to the softer than normal feeling and I felt that that was good.

On wednesday I also got the idea hat maybe the change in feeling was attributed to testicular cancer. I looked it up and that was a symptom. That week I had also smoked 2 cigs and was feeling short of breath at some random parts of the day and have been having upper back pain.

Yesterday and today I was searching for tumors in my scrotum and found a mass that felts like the veins and testicle and when I squeezed it it gave me the same feeling as being kicked in the balls kinda. Then I got the weird feeling in downthere again. I had this feeling yesterday after repeatedly checking for tumors but it ent aay a good bit and was practically gone today, until I decided to check again at like 3 oclock.

All of those things are symptoms of testicular cancer.

Could these feelings in my testicals be there just because I had been masturbating a lot a then stopped for a while and started again?

Could the differenced in size be because of weight lifting?

Could this be testicular cancer?

My left testicle, based on what I have read, looks like it might have a varicocele, could these feelings be attributed to that?

Could my anxiety be causing these feelings, or at least be addind to them, in a psychosomatic kinda way. After all, shortness of breath and abdominal pain, discomfort are effects/symptoms of high anxiety.

Any ideas or comments would be greeeaaatly appreciated. Anything.
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replied September 7th, 2009
Man, definitely sounds like a variocele. But... GO TO THE DOCTOR. Phone and make an appointment, tell them its urgent or your be waiting and worrying for over a week.

Variocele's are very common and not dangerous.
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