Smile I am writing simply to distribute some information about my client symbollon pharmaceuticals. Symbollon is a specialty pharmaceutical company focused on the development and commercialization of proprietary drugs based on its molecular iodine technology. Molecular iodine (i2) is a subspecies of the element iodine (i). Molecular iodine is useful as an active ingredient in two areas, women’s health and also as an antimicrobial (i2 kills all known pathogens). I2 has been used as an active in healthcare for quite sometime; a product like betadine is a very good example of i2 as an active ingredient to kill pathogens. I2 however is chemically unstable so a product like betadine w/ i2 as the active is only 2 parts i2 to 10,000 parts of other molecules to keep the active stable. Symbollon didn’t invent molecular iodine (i2), we just perfected the delivery, and also hold 25 patents protecting our commercialization of the active in women’s health and as an antimicrobial. Symbollon currently has a drug iogen™ in pivitol phase iii clinical trials for non-hormonal treatment of fibrocystic breast disease w/ a lead indication as a non-hormonal breast cancer preventative. Iogen is a tablet that is two inert ingredients, that when ingested into the body the ph of a woman’s stomach acid acts as the catalyst, and the product is 100% molecular iodine. If you compare healthy breast tissue, benign excess cell growth, and malignant excess cell growth, they all have one thing in common the ability to uptake increased amounts of iodine/molecular iodine. Women’s bodies, especially reproductive organs are designed to uptake iodine when women are menstruating, pregnant and breast feeding. Iodine is an important part of fetal brain development, which has been known since the early 70’s; another part of that same study established epidemiological information indicating that women w/ diets rich in iodine in places like the seacoast of japan had reduced incidences of breast health issues. The next key piece of information was from a scientist at nasa, Dr. Thrall, who did a study on the thyrotoxicity of molecular iodine (i2) vs. Iodide (-i) and proved molecular iodine to have 1/10 the toxicity to the thyroid. A later rat model study deprived a healthy female rat of iodine and it developed fibrocystic breast disease, they also infused a female rat w/ breast cancer and fed it molecular iodine and had dissipation of mass (from institute of endocrinology study); mayo did 25 yr study on benign breast disease and increased risk factors for breast cancer, w/ molecular iodine being mentioned as a possible preventative. Molecular iodine has actually been used to treat breast cancer since 1896, in the form of desacated thyroid. In summary, symbollon has a drug in ph3, iogen™ that we have been working on for 13 years for the treatment of fbd (fibrocystic breast disease) w/ a lead indication as a breast cancer preventative. There has been over 3000-+ women dosed w/ the active w/ no adverse events, some for up to 6 years, 3rd party validation of the active see mayo study & institute of endocrinology study attached, 25 issued patents, I could go on & on. We are currently enrolling patients in our ph iii clinical trial, and are looking for exposure to help us close out enrollment. Please let me know your thoughts. For corporate information on symbollon pharmaceuticals and more information on the enrollment & the clinical study, please go to the website, it is also a good source of info and all clinical trial info can be found there as well. Edit if you have any questions or comments please feel free to contact me.
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