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Unexplained Urethral Inflammation


I am in a quandry at the moment; I have recently developed some pain whilst urinating, and an inflamed meatus (urethral opening on the penis) which is causing pain and sensitivity. My doctor initially has diagnosed me with a uti, and has put me on cephalexin (keflex), but I don't think he realised I actually had an inflamed urethra at that time. I'm fearing that the drugs aren't working, so I have been researching a little before I go see him next.

He has tested me also for stds such as chlamydia and gonnorhea (don't know the results), but I am sure I have not recieved these, as I have only been with one partner for 6 years, and we practice safe sex and monogamy (yes, very strange for a 23 yr old!!).

Most of the websites regarding this problem talk about stds/stis as the cause... But is there anything else that could cause such a problem? Any help would be appreciated.
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