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Question About How Your Breast Are Suppose to Feel!^.^'

Hello everyone I know its been awhile sence I was on and I have a question on breast in early pregnancy!
My breast so far have felt four different ways, one being very giggly and not frim and all(normal). The second is they are very full and feel 3 sizes bigger!(pregnancy?). The next is there firm and not any bigger but they are sencitive.(period coming) and last, this is the frist time they have felt like this...They are giggly but feel big?!(does this mean anything?!) am I growing bigger at 20 years old?! O.O! Is that even possiable?! I'm really confused cause there never the same every month!
I don't know if I am pregnant ,but I doubt it...If any of you have had this weird pattern or can shed some light please do! Thank you! ~cyn~
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replied October 1st, 2006
Especially eHealthy
If you aren't late for your period, I imagine they should feel pretty normal.

Breast changes don't occur (usually!) before your missed period.
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