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Having Trouble After Vasectomy.

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I had a vasectomy performed in early nov. After a few weeks my one testicle was still swollen, I called the eurologist, and was told it was a hemotobin. Blood that would be absorbed back into my system in a few weeks. I let it go for a month without any change in the size of the swelling. An ultrasound was done, and I was told I had a hydrocele. The doctor said I had two choices to try and drain it, which there would be no guarantee the fluid would not come back and also there could be a chance of infection. I chose the second option which was to have a hydrocelectomy performed. It has been two weeks since I had the operation. There is quiet a bit of pain and the testicle is still swollen. It feels like it is harder then it was before. I'am very reluctant to go back to this doctor, as you can imagine. My scrotum is starting to look like its been in a war zone. I don't think it is infected because I was told that would be extremely painful. Is this just my luck or is there something I should know about? Everyone I tell says to get a lawyer, but i'am not the suing type. I just want to get back to normal as soon as posiable. I hope someone can help.
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replied February 9th, 2004
Vasectomy Problems
First, sorry for the long post, but I want to give you all information i've received on my situation. I too had a vasectomy recently (on 12/18/2003). The procedure went fine, but 2 weeks after that, I had excruciating pain in my scrotum area. I saw the doctor that day and he thought it might be infection. I took 3 weeks worth of antibiotics for 2 different types of infection. As I expected, they did not help at all. I always felt that I didn't have an infection. My pain is mostly on the right side (a constant pain). There is a mass inside the scrotum that swells sometimes. My urologist finally said that it might be a sperm granuloma. Now, he doesn't know what else to do for me and tells me to just give it time. I've researched stuff everyday as to what my problem might be. I'm thinking sperm granuloma, spermatocele, or congestion in the epididymus. I have a small amount of pain in my left testicle, but it doesn't hurt unless I touch it. Anyway, i'm now wearing an athletic supporter 24/7. It has tremendously helped me when i'm walking. At least now, I can walk a little more normal. I've also started taking 600mg of ibuprofen 3 times a day. I just started that so I don't know if it'll help yet. Although, i've emailed some guys and 1 doctor about my problem. Each of those who replied said to take ibuprofen. The only guy whose pain has subsided mentioned acupuncture as well. His pain finally went away 1 year post-vas. I'm positive now and hopeful that my pain will eventually go away. It has caused strain on the sex life, but so far, we're managing. I'm surprised you've already had another surgery for the hydrocele, but I think if my doctor diagnosed me with something, I would have been more than happy for him to go back in there and fix it. I was constantly wanting someone to diagnose me with something so I can focus on that. For now, i'm focusing in the sperm granuloma. That's why i'm taking the ibuprofen (anti-inflammatory). I also found out that antibiotics would cause the ibuprofen to not work like it's supposed to, so i'm glad i'm off those now. From researching problems that a vasectomy might cause:
1) hydrocele - fluid that forms around the entire testicle. I don't think I have that because my pain is at the top of the testicle except after ejaculation, then both my testicles feel bruised (especially the back of each testicle) and are very tender to the touch.
2) spermatocele - fluid containing sperm that forms at the head of the epididymus (top of testicle). This mainly forms on the left testicle, but can happen on the right as well. I researched this quite a bit, and this could still be a possibility of what my problem is. Since it says the problem is at the head of the epididymus, I thought it might be, but since it says it mostly occurs on the left side, I don't know about it.
3) sperm granuloma - leakage of sperm from either the epididymus or the vas deferens that causes scar tissue to form since your immune system attacks it. Your body, of course, doesn't know what sperm is so it'll attack it. This is a huge possibility as to what my problem is. I wasn't told how long to wait to have sex after the vasectomy. I waited only 2 or 3 days when I should have waited at least a week. My pain didn't show up for 2 weeks, but still, sex early might be a good cause as to my pain. For this, you can either have it surgically removed, or wait it out by taking anti-inflammatories (such as ibuprofen).
4) congestion of the epididymus - from what I understand this could be caused by a number of factors, but mostly due to sperm buildup with nowhere to go. I thought this was my problem at first, and it still could be, but like I said, i'm focusing on sperm granuloma.

I'm guessing since you had your hydrocele removed, then your doctor was sure that that's what your pain was from. Also, I guess he/she would be able to tell if something else was in there when he/she operated on that.
Do you remember where your pain was exactly within the scrotum?
Does it hurt more or less after ejaculation?
What have you taken for pain?
Have your symptoms changed any since you posted?

I too wanted to look into getting a lawyer, but I don't think i'd have a case unless I could prove the doctor did something wrong (although, there is a vas that goes up to the op site and it seems stuck there). I've tried to get in to see another doctor, but it seems like they don't want to see me.
Good luck!
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replied February 9th, 2004
Vasectomy Info
I forgot one more thing. I've received a ton of information by reading the alt.Support.Vasectomy newsgroup.

You can find this newsgroup at groups.Google.Com (or with any other newsgroup reader). Google will let you post for free. My name is darrel and my post on the forum is titled "excruciating pain after ejaculation". I would suggest posting there as you might be able to get information quickly. There are several people that read the posts daily.
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replied February 9th, 2004
Thanks Vitiris!
Thank you for your informative reply. It does'nt sound as though we have the same symptoms. My pain is in the lower and upper right testicle. I do have minor pain after ejaculation, but I can deal with it. I saw the urologist 2 weeks ago and he says the swelling is normal. He said your body doesn't like empty spaces so it compensates with swelling. He said to come back in 6 to 8 weeks to make him feel better about the situation. Lol. Anyway i'am feeling better but not 100%. Thanks again for your reply. I hope you are doing better to. Keep me informed on how you are doing and if you find out anything new. No one should have to go through what we are for a simple procedure. Its been a real pain in my b----! No other dr is going to take you on, because he or she is'nt going to burn the one you used. Maybe for fear it could happen to them someday. It is a sad situation, when you can't find the truth. I opted for the hydrocele as soon as I did, hoping for some relief. But I ended up out of work for 2 weeks. Very painful!!! Jon
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replied February 24th, 2004
Hello again. I wanted to post an update on my situation. First of all, how are you doing? Have you been diagnosed with something else? Have you seen a doctor again? Are you painfree yet? Hope so. I finally got fed up with my pain and called my general doctor. I had to explain my situation over the phone to the nurse, and luckily he saw me that same day. He ordered an ultrasound (which is what I wanted). He also did a urine test (came back negative) and put me back on cipro (10 days @ $100.00). I went to the hospital for the ultrasound the next day (saturday 02/24/04). I'm afraid there is no blood flow on the right side. Left side seemed ok. I hurt a little on the left side, but constantly on the right. The x-ray tech that did the ultrasound didn't say anything to me. I called my doctor's office on monday morning and told them that I feared there was no blood flow. They haven't called back yet. I called them at 3:00 that same day and they said they usually get back to patients about test results after 4:00. Still no call. I'll probably call them again today (tuesday). I hate harrassing them, but I need to know what is going on with me. I'm pretty much scared and my heart races everytime the phone rings. We talked about lawyers in our previous posts. Depending upon my results, i'll have to look into whether I have a case of negligence and/or misdiagnosis. Good luck and I hope your pain is gone.
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replied March 20th, 2009
Post vasectomy pain
Can you help, please?

I had a vasectomy 2 weeks ago. 5 days after the surgery, my left testicle and pelvic area were extremely swollen and bruised. I revisited with the Dr and he stated that I have a blood clot and that it may take up to a month to get back to normal.

It has now been two weeks since my vasectomy. The bruising is gone and my scrotum is now the normal color. However, my left testicle is the size of an avocado and my pelvic area on the left side is swollen. The pain is mainly at the top of my left testicle and the left pelvic area. When I ejaculate, approximately 1/4th of the semen is black or dark red. Can you please tell me what I may have and what I can do to treat it?
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replied September 29th, 2010
Vasectomy Pain, Scrotum, Back and lower GI Tract Pain...Spasms.
I had a vasectomy in Jan of 2010. Throughout the last 8 months, I've had little sharp twinges of pain in mostly my R Testicle. This pain was manageable and I chalked it up to "I'm must me still recovering". Well, recently I woke up (morning after a long run) and it felt like someone had kicked me in the nuts all night. It radiated around to my backside and started effecting my lower GI tract with spasms that almost put me on the ground. I walked around holding myself to keep from jarring them any.
After one full week of PAIN I went to the hospital; got an exam to eliminate a hernia and an ultrasound to eliminate a kidney stone. Went to 3 doctors and they all come up with different a diagnosis. One felt it was an infection so I took 2 weeks worth of antibiotics, another felt it was a "Bad knot and needed to be cut off and retied" the last one did a better exam and felt that I has sperm granuloma. This Doctor put me on anti-inflammatorys and I've been taking them for about 2 weeks.
Well, the pain is still very BAD and doesn't just hurt my scrotum but also my lower back (like a kidney stone would)and spasms my extreme lower gut. Even as I sit here typing this I've had 4 waves of stabbing pain like someone is pulling on my vaas on the Right side.
I am going to get 2 more opinions on the problem and consider getting another one...but, I will not be able to function like this for the rest of my life (41 years old). I am an avid runner and haven't ran in 1 month.
From what I hear this pain could be chronic and another vasectomy could just yield the same results..??
If anyone has any advice or experiences with getting it redone please reply, please. Should I just pay and get it reversed? Would that solve the problem or create more? At this point I'll just wear a condom or my wife can just get an implant.
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replied April 2nd, 2011
Extreme post-op pain
This is the second vasectomy I've had in the last 3 months, the first was unsuccessful and I had to return for a second procedure. The first time everything went very smooth, procedure was relatively painless and recovery was quick, very little blood, had dull pain for two weeks, no big deal.

Second procedure however was much different (8 days ago), procedure was more painful this time, but still tolerable. Recovery has been slower, much more blood the first three days. Recovery seemed to be going as before until 3 days ago, my scrotum started bruising and swelling (right teste is the size of an avocado) with severe pain (7 on scale of 1 - 10), hot baths, ice, ibuprofen not helping. I called my doctor and he said it was normal and I should be better in a couple of days, my mobility is severely limited, going to work seems to irritate the situation, spouse is getting impatient with me, I need relief now!

How much pain warrants medical attention? Is the size I described normal?
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replied June 8th, 2011
I too have pain in my right testicle and that one is swollen. I had my procedure about a year ago and things seemed fine. Well I started jogging again and that thing is sore. Looks like a golf ball. It's tender too when I touch it, but sort of feels like the tube or Vas Deferens is what's sore. I'm not even sure.

I am curious about the update from @ Vitiris...
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replied February 16th, 2013
Right testicle swollen after vasectomy
If this can help anyone?

I had vasectomy 3 weeks ago, right testi was very swollen, went to urologist who put me on antibiotics but no change after 8 days so went back to see him, after ultrasound test a huge buildup of fluid caused by infection was found. 2 days later and I have just been discharged after having about 200mls of putrid pus removed from the testicle, 2% of chaps can get infection so get it sorted, don't wait until the build up of pressure nearly kills you, get it sorted.
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