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Scary Tmj Symptom Developing....

I can trace the root of my tmj problem back to orthodontic procedures around the time I turned 10 or 11 years old. As i'm sure many of you were, I was told I would grow out of it. If anything, it has grown worse. Since the pain seems to come and go and only the clicking, grinding and pressure remain, i've decided to leave it alone. That was until the latest development in my list of tmj symptoms.
About 2 months ago I started to get the usual symptoms:fullness in my ears and feeling like liquid is inside, really bad pressure and clicking,ringing in the ears, locking of the jaw when I try to open it etc..Etc... Then about 5 days ago a problem that occured about once a year has become a constant problem all day every day. When I walk, I can hear a tap tap tap noise like the sound of someone tapping a ballpoint pen head on a metal table. The sound is very annoying and feels like it is coming from behind my right ear. Convenient how my right tmj is always the one that hurts the most. It has gotten so bad that it is affecting my work and personal life. When I took my dog for a walk tonight it took all my strength not to scream.
Has anyone else experienced this? I don't know what to do. My doctor,dentist and ortho are no help.
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replied October 2nd, 2006
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Yes, I have a similar clicking sound sometimes, but it doesn't bother me enough to worry about it. I just assumed it was tmj. I don't have any suggestions for you, i'm sorry to say. I did want you to know that you're not alone in this though. Are you wearing a bite splint at night to help you with the clenching? If not, you might want to look into this.

Please take care and
god bless...
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