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How Long Does the Redness Last?

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I had my first attack on july 4th this year. Thought (or hoped) I broke my toe but somehow just knew it wasn't true.

I'm 44 years old. Otherwise healthy. Not overweight. At the time I was on a high protein diet (the zone)

i've found the baking soda to be very helpful. I have a 1/2 teaspoon in 4 ounces of water twice daily upon waking and before I go to bed. Occasionally, if i've had food off the list or more than two glasses of wine, I will also do the treatment.

I've had very little pain since starting the baking soda. I'm still on the torturous "ovo-lacto" vegetarian diet. But now at least I can have a glass or two of wine with dinner without any side effects.

The first time I went shopping, after being diagnosed and reading all the materials and the extraordinary list of high and moderate purine foods, I nearly had a breakdown. Literally had to walk out of the store before I started crying. (i think it was trying to find cereal that wasn't "whole grain" that put me over the edge). It was bad enough to give up beer, as I was an occasional home-brewer, and red meat wasn't hard for me as I only had red meat maybe once a month for the last 18 years. But chicken, fish, certain vegetables....It was hard for a guy who once went to culinary school.

So i've been extraordinary religious about the foods. Glad that I read labels that I didn't before. Happy that I was not affected by the spinach scare. And very thankful for this forum and "i cured my gout" and jy's baking soda treatment.

That's my story. Here's my question: how long does the redness last? I haven't had any pain for some time (other than minor aches). Been doing the baking soda for over a month. I have had some days with little redness but not consistently.

Btw I have kept a food log for some time and I find it's also about finding what triggers attacks for you. I assume everyone is different.
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