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I Want to Be Strong And Skinny At the Same Time

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K im 5'3 and 112 pounds, I love it and im going lower... But also I have skinny arms but I want to put some muscle into it.. Not to get bigger but stronger,... I got a little fat there I could replace with muscle so if it did become muscle it wouldnt be noticeable ceptthatid be stronger..

The thing is im a vegetarian now and I eat salmon and plenty of soy milk and carbs but I still feel like im lacking nutrition without meat.. Also I take vitamins but I want to get stronger in my arms badly... I just did 30 pushups, 10 in a row then 20 in a row.. But I do want to toughen up some more I dont go to the gym that much.. I use ddr as my leg exercise and crunches/situps for tummy..

So does anyone have more suggestions for at home exercises with arms? Plus low cal foods, vitamins and proteins?
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First Helper juiced_grey

replied February 19th, 2010
youre a retard. how are you a vegetarian if you eat salmon?
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replied March 29th, 2010
Extremely eHealthy
The building blocks of musculature are Protein, calcium and vitamin C. There are a lot of supplements you could look into that claim to help your absorption but for years humans have been building their bodies on those basics. If you want a natural looking build those are the ingredients your body needs to absorb. Vitamin C is plentiful in a fruit-rich diet, Calcium and Protein are harder to aquire in needed quantities without animal flesh and product. If you are serious about increasing muscle mass you may want to re-evaluate your diet.

As far as being stronger without becoming bigger, that's not how strength works. Your muscles are a lever, greater strength comes from leverage in your muscles, that leverage requires bulk to achieve. If you want stronger arms you will have thicker more bulky arms.
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