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Probiotics & Digestive Enzymes

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Does anyone take probiotics and digestive enzymes to aid in their digestion?

I had my gallbladder removed in june, however, I also have acid reflux and the dumping syndrome (from surgery of gallbladder removal).

Many people have suggested my taking a probiotic and digestive enzymes before each meal.


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First Helper Montevallopurple

replied December 30th, 2009
Yes - after a year of dealing with gas and irregularity after my gallbladder was removed, I've started experimenting with probiotics and I've had really nice improvement. There are lots of different types of probiotics, and I think each person will respond differently to the various strains - so some trial and error might be necessary.
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replied May 30th, 2011
There are some blends on the market for a Probiotic that contain a broad spectrum of strains to support the complex needs of yours and many other health issue. Also, some products out there are made to assure the survival of the probiotics after the stomach. Some are especially suseptable to being effected by the stomach acid. Look for a probiotic that helps minimize this problem and you will see great results from a broad spectrum probiotic.

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replied August 6th, 2011
Gallbladder removal supplemts
i just had my gallbladder removed last week and i have heard all different personal stories from good to bad. i am experiencing chronic diarreha that is making me weak i believe, i am researching the long term out come of this missing gallbladder. Primal defense, and Omega-emzymes is what is highly recommended. We have one liver and i do not want my liver to become sluggish, need to protect what we have left in our bodies. So i am going to try those two and see ifthere is a difference
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replied May 24th, 2012
My gall bladder was removed over 10 years ago. For about 6 months after that I had the dumping syndrome immediately after eating, everytime.

I cut my bad fat and took Gas X. My brochure my doctor gave me said this could continue for up to 6 months. It did and then went away. However, I do take probiotics every day now simply because it is good to keep them in your gut. I wish I had known about them right after my surgery.

Good luck. There is hope that it stops naturally.
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