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Cervical Degeneration

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Hello, im a 48 year old male with a relatively healthy past, no major medical problems except for overuse from athletic activities ( 4 menstectomys and joint pains). In feb 06 I developed neck pain, numbness around my mouth, predominanlty left side, sometimes in the cheek and once to the back of my scalp along with neck pain and upper left arm numbness and left arm weakness. Also, some near syncope events. I had had a few of the near syncope events over the last 4 years as well but were explained by my gp as probaly related to my ear.

One event in march I ended up in the er. I sat down, felt faint, legs went week and jaw "seized up" in numbness. Heart enzymes , ecg and blood gases all normal.

Been thru a cervical mri which showed much degeneration and osteophytes. The neurosurgeon is convinced the c6-7 is the cause of the arm problems but was confused about the face and recommended I see a vascular surgeon. I did and he initially thinks vertebral compression of the arteries due to the neck issues.

Had an mra of the brain arteries, unremarkable. Had an angiogram of the 4 arteries in the neck and arch yesterday and the radiologist kept indicating healthy arterites. However, during the last two pics, I went faint, lost vision on one test and the faintness was relieved as if the radiologist had turned a faucet on and off. My head had been hyperextended downward ( chin to chest) for these two tests. He was confused but was noting it in the report. I did not have facial numbness during the test. I am waitng to meet with the vascular surgeon again.

Often times I get kind of a sick feeling, legs get a little weak. The facial numbness is there most of the time, sometimes more pronounced than others.

Any insight would be appreciated. Thanks
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replied October 2nd, 2010
i want to know why do doctors wantt o change ur pain meds if they r helping nad no surgeon will operate coz u r high risk..why do they want peopel to it all about a law suit..stinks..
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