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High S-dhea And Ovarian Cyst

I'm a 30 y.O. Female. I've decided that I want to get pregnant within the next year. My partner of 10 months is definitely fertile as he had previously gotten his ex girlfriend pregnant - twice (she miscarried on both occasions). I'm concerned about the fact that i've always had a 3cm wide cyst in my right ovary, and have always had abnormally high levels of s-dhea. My cycle is completely normal, always comes at 30 days and lasts about 3 days, although the amount of blood is not especially large. Judging by the slight rise in temperature, I ovulate around the 19th day.

I first discovered about the cyst in my ovary and high s-dhea in my teens, as I had a tendency for facial/bodily hair. This has been taken care of cosmetically but the tendency is still there. I've been on the pill plus androcur for two years but didn't notice any improvement in my hormone levels, the only thing I noticed was migraines - so I went off that treatment. My endocrinologist has suggested that it's my adrenals rather than ovaries that are responsible for my high s-dhea testosterone production (i did something called a synacten? Test that showed that).

My question is, what effect might all this have on my fertility? Any specific tests I should do? What kind of treatment might benefit me, and should I have my cyst removed?
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replied September 19th, 2006
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My aunt had something similar to that. She got pregnant once and they found the cyst then, so it might be possible to get pregnant. My aunt later had it removed but due to some scar tissue it took a long time for her to get pregnant again. As for any tests, i'm not a doctor so I can't really help you out there. As for improving your hormone levels, look up some herbal supplements because most do no have any side effects and if they don't work you didn't spend an outrageous amount of money on something that didn't work. Considering your cycle is pretty regular and you can pinpoint when you ovulate, you shouldn't really have that hard of a time getting pregnant.
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